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20 Dec 23



New design contest on DuPont and Desall invite you to envision new creative applications for DuPont™ Tyvek®, a unique and versatile material.

Company description

DuPont is a global innovation leader with technology-based materials and solutions that help transform industries and everyday life. DuPont employees apply diverse science and expertise to help customers advance their best ideas and deliver essential innovations in key markets including electronics, transportation, construction, water, healthcare and worker safety. More information about the company, its businesses and solutions can be found at

What we are looking for

We invite you to design and prototype new creative applications for DuPont™ Tyvek®, a unique and versatile material. Unleash your creativity, harnessing the expansive potential of this material that blends the properties of paper, film, and fabric.

To enhance your design and increase your likelihood of selection, DuPont provides a complimentary Swatchbook. This sample book showcases the full range of Tyvek® materials as well as converted Tyvek® fabrics for both design and consumer applications. The Swatchbook facilitates informed decisions regarding material choices for your entry. For more information, please refer to the "How to Request the Swatchbook" section.

For a deeper understanding of the properties of DuPont™ Tyvek® material, refer to the subsequent sections and consult the information provided by DuPont.

The brief is available in the following languages:
- English
- Italian
- Spanish
- Portuguese
- Chinese
- Japanese

Build your inspiration board on the Inspiration tab and explore ideas shared by fellow creatives!

Total Award Value: €9000 + 20 Backpacks designed with Tyvek® (unitary value: about 50 Euro)

3 x BEST Tyvek® DESIGN OF 2023 Awards:
- €3000 each
- 1 x Backpack each
- Visibility Perks (detailed below)

17 x Special Mentions:
- 1 x Backpack each
- Visibility Perks (detailed below)

Visibility Award:
- Beyond the designated winners and special mentions, DuPont reserves the right to select additional projects to bestow the Visibility
Perks detailed below.

Visibility Perks:
- Official recognition certificate
- Visibility on Tyvek® official media and media partner platforms
- Opportunity to connect with well-known brand partners for potential business opportunities.

The winners will be selected by the Sponsor based on originality, feasibility, and consistency with the provided brief. The decision will be final and unquestionable.

Discover the Flower-beard Brand Backpack designed with Tyvek®

Eligibility and submission criteria
Participation is free and open to creative individuals of any nationality who are 18 years of age or older.

Participants can submit one or multiple projects, but only those uploaded to the website through the upload page of the contest will be accepted.

Entries can be both brand-new, unpublished designs or products made with Tyvek® that were launched after 1 January 2020 and have been on the market for no more than three years.


DuPont™ Tyvek® material feels like paper, but it’s not paper. It feels like fabric, but it’s not woven fabric. Its distinctive look & feel, printability, convertibility and recyclability have been inspiring designers to create with it.

Tyvek® is a unique non-woven material made from high-density polyethylene continuous filaments. It provides durable sheet products that are stronger than paper and more cost-effective and versatile than fabrics.

Super lightweight, tear-resistant, durable, water-resistant and breathable, DuPont™
Tyvek® products have introduced enhanced protection and safety across a variety of
sectors for decades, from building envelopes and protective apparel to medical packaging and a range of industrial protective packaging applications. Today, Tyvek® is being discovered by designers as an innovative material for the development of lifestyle consumer products.

Tyvek® comes in two distinct forms for design and consumer applications: a paper-like hard structure and a fabric-like soft structure. Thanks to its versatility and convertibility – which offer endless possibilities in shapes, structures, and colours – many global brands have launched products made from Tyvek® that showcase modern design and promote sustainability.

Visit this link for more details on the characteristics of Tyvek®
Visit this link for guidance in selecting the Tyvek® products best suited for your design

Possible design applications
We invite you to design and prototype new creative applications for DuPont™ Tyvek®.

Tyvek® blends the characteristics of paper, fabric, and film. Available in both hard and soft structures, and provided in rolls and sheets, the existing versatile design applications span a range of sectors, including fashion & accessories, home decor, interiors and spaces, public art, sustainable packaging, and more.

When selecting an industry or area for your design, bear in mind that you’re encouraged to venture into novel and imaginative uses for Tyvek®, even in untapped sectors or in unconventional ways.

Explore the links below to view existing projects fashioned using Tyvek®:
- Home-use
- Fashion & Accessories
- Art
- Fine Packaging
- Space & Interior
- Novelty
- Tyvek® Design Book

Style of the designs
The submitted designs should exhibit a contemporary and elegant aesthetic.

Targets and dimensions
There are no specific limitations on the target audience or the size of the new design.

DuPont™ Tyvek® should be the principal material for your design. While supplementary materials can be incorporated if they serve a functional purpose, Tyvek® must constitute at least 50% of your design.

To create the prototype of a new design, participants can use their self-sourced Tyvek® material, or they can request the Swatchbook and samples offered by DuPont:

1) a Swatchbook, showcasing all the Tyvek® material and converted fabrics
2) a limited quantity of material samples for prototyping.

To receive the Swatchbook and to request the specific Tyvek® material for your prototype, please refer to the "How to Request the Swatchbook'' section.

Submission materials
Participants must showcase their designs using photos of a prototype crafted from Tyvek® material, or photos of commercial products made with Tyvek® launched after 1 January 2020.

Provide the following:

1) High Resolution Photos:
- Submit at least 10 high resolution photos of the prototype/commercial product.
- Place these photos in a .zip folder (max size 100MB).
- Use the specified field on the upload page to attach the .zip folder.

2) Preview Images:
- Provide up to 5 preview images that best capture your design.
- Format: 4:3
- Acceptable file formats: .jpg, .gif, or .png
- Colour mode: RGB
- Max file size: 1MB each
- Use the specified fields on the upload page to attach the individual images.

3) Detailed Descriptions: Provide comprehensive details of your design. All texts (abstract, description, tags, etc.) must be written in English.

4) Videos: optional but recommended.
- A video presentation will significantly impact the evaluation criteria.
- Duration: No more than 1 minute.
- Orientation: Horizontal
- Resolution: At least 1920x1080
- Free from watermarks, logos, and subtitles.
- Background: Quiet with minimal noise and good lighting.
- Submit the video in a .zip folder using the designated field on the upload page.
- Max size for the .zip archive: 50MB.

How to request the Swatchbook
To assist with the prototyping of your design, DuPont proudly offers a complimentary Swatchbook to anyone who might need it.

The Swatchbook is an invaluable tool that displays the complete array of Tyvek® materials and converted fabrics suitable for both design and consumer applications. Using the Swatchbook, you can make informed decisions about which materials best suit your design.

Moreover, once you’ve made your selection, DuPont will provide up to 5 square metres of Tyvek® material samples for your prototyping needs, per the review of your design (see STEP 3 below).

Here’s how to get started:

STEP 1: Request the Swatchbook via this form, before 1 November, 2023.

STEP 2: Select Your Material: Once you have the Swatchbook, peruse the various Tyvek® materials and select the right one for your design. UPDATE: Place your order for Tyvek® samples by November 18th.

STEP 3: Source Your Material: To craft your Prototype, use a self-sourced Tyvek® material or contact DuPont at using Email subject “Tyvek® sample request for Design Award 2023” explaining in detail what kind of project you will present. Based on this information DuPont may provide up to 5 square metres of the chosen Tyvek® material for your prototyping at no cost.

For further information on DuPont shipment policy, please refer to Dupont Trade Compliance Policy.

Judging criteria
The entries will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Appropriate material integration 5/5 (judged based on the prototype/commercial product)
Degree of innovation 4/5
Aesthetic quality 4/5
Functionality and usability 3/5
Social and commercial value 3/5

Add the contest to your calendar

Upload phase: 1 August 2023 – 30 November 2023 (1:59 PM UTC)
Concept review: by 14 September 2023 (1:59 PM UTC)
Hidden option: by 30 September 2023
Submission Deadline: 30 November 2023 (1:59 PM UTC)
Community vote: 30 November 2023 – 7 December 2023 (1:59 PM UTC)
DuPont & Desall Vote: starting 7 December 2023
Winner announcement: tentatively by the end of December 2023

Concept review (optional)
Participants have the option to request a review of their project by the Desall Team by the specified date in the contest timeline. To avail this, participants should 1) save their project as a draft on the upload page and 2) send a review request either by emailing or using the contact form. It’s worth noting that this review is entirely optional. While it offers a chance to gain feedback, it isn’t a requirement for contest entry nor does it give any advantage during the Sponsor’s final evaluation.

Hidden option (optional)
Participants have the option to upload their projects confidentially, ensuring they remain hidden from other participants until the start of the community voting phase. This confidentiality can only be chosen if the project is submitted during the first half of the upload time frame and no later than 30 September 2023. For additional details, please see the FAQ .

Community vote
Within the specified timeframe (see timeline), the entire Desall Community has the opportunity to voice their preferences by voting for projects displayed in the contest gallery. This voting phase begins immediately after the project upload period concludes. For more details, please consult the FAQ .
The top three projects with the most votes from the Community will automatically be included among the special mentions.

Proposal rights
Participants will only grant DuPont and Desall a non-exclusive publishing right for editorial purposes. All projects, including those selected as winners, remain the property of their respective authors who will be able to publish them, offer them to companies, patent them, etc. without any restrictions.

For more information, please login and read the Contest Agreement from the upload page.

Official Award page
Upload page (register on to access this page)
Swatchbook request form
Overview of Tyvek® characteristics
Select the Tyvek® products best suited for your project
Flower-beard Brand Backpack designed with Tyvek®
Examples of existing projects fashioned using Tyvek®:
- Home-use
- Fashion & Accessories
- Art
- Fine Packaging
- Space & Interior
- Novelty
- Tyvek® Design Book

Contest Inquiries: If you have questions about the brief, please click on the “Have a question” button or send an email to

Swatchbook and Samples Inquiries: For queries regarding the Swatchbook and samples, reach out to

DuPont, the DuPont Oval Logo, DuPont™ and Tyvek® are trademarks owned by affiliates of DuPont de Nemours, Inc.

DuPont and Desall reserve all the right at its sole discretion to modify this brief.


Since we are an international Community, all texts provided with your uploads (abstract, description, tags, etc.) should be written in English.

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Desall required files

Minimum 1 image, up to 5.
Recommended dimensions: 960 x 720px (player size) ; allowed format: .jpg , .gif , .png; color mode: RGB;
allowed resolution: 72 dpi ; max file (for each one) size: 1 mb.

Brief document (.pdf) Material files (.zip)





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